Auckland Champs – the heat is on!

Day 1

What a start to the regatta for the 218 sailors (44 Green Fleet, 111 Open Fleet, 63 Starlings) who registered for the Auckland Champs! Bright blue sky, a beautiful setting with the grass reserve in front of the MBSC club building finished just in time.

The fleet went on the water on time with the Starlings travelling quite a distance to reach their race course near Torbay. Both opti fleets were in sight from Murrays Bay.

A little more wind would have made the day perfect. Unfortunately, the club did not have the connections to organise that. But each class managed to run three races – even if it took a little longer to get around the course. The results can be found here on the Auckland champs website:

Day 2

The day started off with no wind so that the start was delayed by one hour. Meanwhile, on the shore the barista and a young entrepreneurial waffle maker revved up their sales. The sailors had to be kept in a good mood while waiting for wind to come.

When they finally left for the race courses, hopes were high and everyone tried their best. The wind prevailed and the race committee was able to run three races.

While the on-the-water-teams worked hard (not only on their sun tans) – back on the shore the “ground crew” prepared for the returning sailors. There were some exciting spot prizes to be won.

With two days of racing completed everyone is looking forward to what the last day will bring. And one thing is sure: it is already a success to sail three days in such hot weather. Relax tonight and hydrate – tomorrow is going to be another hot day!


A regatta can’t start better than being greeted by these smiles
First briefing under way
Scott Leith delivering the brief
The sailors just before they head off to do their best
A sea of optis
Ready to launch
The young waffle entrepreneur
A real barista in the club! Finally some proper coffee 
Some of the kitchen team preparing for the peak time
Sorting the spot prizes
The results team doing an awesome job
Working hard in the tower
View from the tower – yes, must be one of the hardest jobs…

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